Corporate Partners

Our Corporate Partnerships are mutually beneficial relationships formed between Wise Counsel Foundation and successful businesses whose purpose is to pursue a common goal based on the shared values of the Wise Counsel Foundation.


This successful corporate partnership model contains the following pillars: 

  • Mutually beneficial: Our partnership benefits both Wise Counsel Foundation and the partnered business. These benefits almost always out way any costs to either entity. 

  • Alignment of values: The partnered business represents the same values as Wise Counsel Foundation does. These values are reflected in the company’s model or industry, and the business operates in such a way that is respectful to the perspectives and values held by Wise Counsel Foundation and its community members and patrons.

  • Open communication: Communicate and agree upon expectations of the partnership. Wise Counsel Foundation along with the partnered business strives to display a visible partnership. Transparency is key to a fair partnership. 

SADA Services, LLC

Larry McClelland

SADA Entertainment, LLC Logo

SADA Entertainment, LLC

SADA Red Carpet - SADA Entertainment, LLC

SADA Red Carpet

SADA Exchange, LLC is your online superstore for entrepreneurs.

SADA Exchange, LLC

SADA Nation Podcast hosted by Larry McClelland (The Entrepreneur's Podcast)

SADA Nation

The Blu Blvd Logo

The Blu Blvd

Harmony's Helping Hands - Wise Counsel Foundation Corporate Sponsorship

Harmony's Helping Hands

Jewelz By LaThomas - Wise Counsel Foundation Corporate Sponsorship

Jewelz By LaThomas

The Willis Group - Wise Counsel Foundation Corporate Sponsorship

The Willis Group

Vital Hearts, LLC

Vital Hearts, LLC

Big Momma's & Granny's Catering - Wise Counsel Foundation Corporate Sponsorship

Big Momma & Granny's

KALMAC Solutions, LLC

KALMAC Solutions, LLC

KALMAC Home Decor Logo

KALMAC Home Decor

Andrea's Caribbean & Seafood Restaurant - Wise Counsel Foundation Corporate Sponsorship

Andrea's Caribbean Restaurant

Drip House Kustomz Logo

Drip House Kustomz

Queenism Apparel Logo

Queenism Apparel

Shenique Boutique - Clothing Boutique

Shenique Boutique, LLC

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