Corporate Partners

Our Corporate Partnerships are mutually beneficial relationships formed between Wise Counsel Foundation and successful businesses whose purpose is to pursue a common goal based on the shared values of the Wise Counsel Foundation.


This successful corporate partnership model contains the following pillars: 

  • Mutually beneficial: Our partnership benefits both Wise Counsel Foundation and the partnered business. These benefits almost always out way any costs to either entity. 

  • Alignment of values: The partnered business represents the same values as Wise Counsel Foundation does. These values are reflected in the company’s model or industry, and the business operates in such a way that is respectful to the perspectives and values held by Wise Counsel Foundation and its community members and patrons.

  • Open communication: Communicate and agree upon expectations of the partnership. Wise Counsel Foundation along with the partnered business strives to display a visible partnership. Transparency is key to a fair partnership. 

Corporate Partners

WCF Partners
  • SADA Enterprise, Inc
  • SADA Services, LLC
  • SADA Entertainment, LLC
  • SADA Exchange, LLC
  • SADA Nation, LLC
  • SADA Red Carpet
  • SADA Cigar Lounge
  • Harmony's Helping Hands, LLC
  • Drip House Kustomz, LLC
  • The Magnolia Well, LLC
  • Klyn Home Solutions, LLC
  • The Blu Blvd
  • Jewelz By LaThomas
  • The Willis Group
  • Vital Hearts, LLC
  • Big Momma's & Granny Catering
  • Queenism
  • Shenique Boutique, LLC

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