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Wise Counsel Foundation creates pathways to success possibilities.


Wise Counsel assists with tuition assistance for those graduating teens that are not academically college or university capable.


Financial Literacy Workshop

Financial Literacy is the education and understanding of various financial areas including topics related to managing personal finance, money and investing. This topic focuses on the ability to manage personal finance matters in an efficient manner, and it includes the knowledge of making appropriate decisions about personal finance such as investing, insurance, real estate, paying for college, budgeting, retirement and tax planning.

Career Planning Workshop

Career Planning is the self-evaluation & planning done by a person to have a strong career path. Career Planning process in the continuous reiterative process of understanding oneself, setting career goals, revising skills and searching for the right career options. With the short and long-term goals in place, Career Planning can help to plan their journey in their professional life. The various career options should be explored in detail to find a fit between one’s abilities and the opportunities provided by a career option. Good Career Planning helps a person grow in life in their professional career, which also help them grow personally.

Business 101 Workshop

There are no limits on who can become a great entrepreneur in Business. You don't necessarily need a college degree, a bunch of money in the bank or even Business experience to start something that could become the next major success. However, you do need a strong plan and the drive to see it through. This workshop teaches the teen the basics of Business ownership and entrepreneurship so that they can determine if this is a path they possibly may want to pursue.

Self Development Workshop

Self Development is the process by which a person's character or abilities are gradually developed. In more simple terms... Self Development is taking steps to better yourself, such as by learning new skills or overcoming bad habits. This workshop is designed to teach the teen how to invest in themselves. Self Investment means you believe in yourself as a professional person of worth. Self investment means you plan for your own professional development. Self Investment means you are curious and inquisitive about what you don't know.


Ross Collins Career & Technical Center

2640 24th Ave
Meridian, MS 39305


Ross Collins Career and Technical Center is the oldest and largest vocational center in Mississippi. The center opened its doors in November, 1942. The school serves students of the Meridian Public School District, Lauderdale County School District, Home Schoolers Association, and local private schools.

Meridian Community College

910 - Hwy 19 North
Meridian, MS 39307


Meridian Community College is a college that's just the right size. MCC offers many technical and vocational career courses in the industry of cosmetology, medical, nail technicians, business, culinary arts, dental assisting, health care, automotive, commercial truck driving, welding, construction and many more. 

Final Touch Beauty School

5700 North Hills Street
Meridian, MS 39307

Final Touch Beauty School prepares students for a livelihood and provide financial security for the necessities and luxuries desired by individuals. The student will learn required knowledge, related information, and manipulative skills in all phases of Cosmetology. The student will exhibit professional standards in work, management and inter-personal relationships.


United States Military

1183 Bonita Lakes Circle
Meridian, MS 39301

Army Recruiting Office               601-693-1511
Marines Recruiting Office          601-693-6777
Navy Recruiting Office                601-693-1511

Air Force Office                            601-693-2972
Coast Guard Office                      601-933-4901

The United States Armed Forces are the military forces of the United States of America. It consists of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. Explore hundreds of careers and discover your skills. The United States Military is a positive way to build a stable and meaningful career that offers amazingly super benefits. 

Mississippi Job Corps

5888 Ridgewood Road
Jackson, MS 39211


Job Corps

The Job is the largest nationwide residential career training program in the country and has been operating for more than 50 years. The program helps eligible young people ages 16 through 24 complete their high school education, trains them for meaningful careers, and assists them with obtaining employment. Job Corps has trained and educated over two million individuals since 1964. Job Corps offers career technical skills in 10-high growth industry sectors:

   - Advance Manufacturing
   - Automotive and Machine Repair
   - Renewable Resources and Energy
   - Construction
   - Finance and Business
   - Healthcare
   - Homeland Security
   - Hospitality
   - Information Technology
   - Transportation

(Mississippi Department of Employment Security)

2000 MS-19
Meridian, MS 39307



The goal of the Mississippi Department of Employment Security is to help Mississippians get jobs. Through a network of WIN Job Centers, MDES matches qualified, prospective employees with employers. Also at the Job Centers, Mississippians can obtain job training to sharpen their work skills and make themselves more competitive in the job market. 

The Wise Counsel Foundation pairs the teens with these training opportunities to prepare them for the workforce upon graduation from high school.


Boys & Girls Club - Lauderdale

1717 45th Ave
Meridian, MS 39307



The mission of the East Mississippi Boys and Girls Club is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.  

The Wise Counsel Foundation along with the Boys & Girls; are dedicated to ensuring that our community's teens have greater access to quality programs and services that will enhance their lives and shape their futures.

4H - Lauderdale County
(Mississippi State University Extension)

410 Constitution Ave., 5th Floor
Meridian, MS 39301



4‑H is delivered by Cooperative Extension—a community of more than 100 public universities across the nation that provides experiences where young people learn by doing. For more than 100 years, 4‑H has welcomed young people of all beliefs and backgrounds, giving kids a voice to express who they are and how they make their lives and communities better. Through life-changing 4‑H programs, nearly six million kids have taken on critical societal issues, such as addressing community health inequities, engaging in civil discourse and advocating for equity and inclusion for all. 

Boys Scouts of America

4818 N. Park Drive
Meridian, MS 39305



Scouting is adventure, family, fun, character, leadership and so much more. 

In Scouting, boys and girls start with their best right now selves and grow into their very best future selves. It’s fun, hands-on learning and achievement that puts kids in the middle of the action and prepares them for today – and for life.

Girls Scouts

307 24th Ave
Meridian, MS 39301



Girl Scouts unleashes the G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader) in every girl, preparing her for a lifetime of leadership—from taking a night-time hike under the stars to accepting a mission on the International Space Station; from lobbying the city council with her troop to holding a seat in Congress; from running her own cookie business today to tackling cybersecurity tomorrow.

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